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Do you struggle with acne and/or breakouts, and are wondering "when will it end"!?

We feel you.  While acne's underpinnings lie in inflammation, sufferers mostly blame oil for breakouts. Acne is born when pores become inflamed, trapping oil within their walls, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. By targeting the root of the problem (inflammation), cannabis confers an acne solution that is more effective yet gentler than conventional alternatives. Take our survey to find personalized product recommendations below!

Clear Skin Bioceutical Gummy
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Clarifying Facial Treatment
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Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer
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Clarifying Facial Duo
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Clarifying Facial Duo $121.00 USD $165.00 USD
Clarifying Facial Cleanser Concentrate
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Clarifying Body Treatment
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Cannabis Essential Oil Flight (3 strain essential oil kit)
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Clear Skin Facial System
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Clear Skin Facial System $179.00 USD $257.00 USD
Moisture System (Barrier Building Hydrosol Primer + Omega Oil)
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