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Age Adapting Facial Serum

750mg CBD / 2% Hemp Seed Oil

BENEFITS: This universal, multi-purpose facial serum harnesses the healing power of cannabis to relieve skin irritation and bring all skin types back to balance & health. Dryness, irritation, redness, blemishes & irritation of every kind are soothed, leaving skin calm, even-toned & clear. The deeply hydrating oil also works to plump skin, improve radiance, minimize fine lines, and soften texture. The all-natural and USDA organic certified formulation is free of water, preservatives, surfactants, chemical emulsifiers and fillers that can cause irritation, so your skin stays balanced, moisturized and calm.

  • Designed for all skin types including sensitive & acne-prone skin
  • Free of water, synthetic ingredients & preservatives for maximum ingredient efficacy
  • Always natural, clean, organic & sustainably sourced

DIRECTIONS: Apply 3-7 drops to fingertips and press into damp skin, after cleansing and using Hydrosol, both morning and night. If using a treatment oil, this serum should be applied after. While product is designed for topical application, it is food-grade and oral friendly. Administer 1 dropper full of solution, under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing to aid in reducing systemic inflammation.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (750 mg), Organic Hemp Seed Oil (2%), Organic Coconut-Derived Medium Chain Triglycerides