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Age Adapting System

BENEFITS: Improve skin from the inside out by harnessing the power of sleep. Our CBD system combines a fast-acting sleep tincture with a skin-balancing facial serum, resulting in improved recovery and resilience to modern day stressors, both internal and external. Clear skin can't be achieved through topical products alone. Sleep, which is the body's method of recovering from the day's abuse, is the single most important activity that can improve your quality of life. 

  • Free of water, synthetic ingredients & preservatives for maximum ingredient efficacy
  • Always natural, clean, organic & sustainably sourced


  • Age Adapting Facial Serum (1 fl oz)
  • Age Adapting Sleep Tincture (1 fl oz)

DIRECTIONS: Both morning and night, apply 3-7 drops of Age Adapting Facial Serum to fingertips and press into damp skin, after cleansing and using Hydrosol and treatments/serums. At night, administer 1 dropper full of Age Adapting Sleep Tincture (35mg of CBD) orally under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing. Steadily increase dose until desired affect is achieved.