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Clarifying Facial Duo

BENEFITS: Balance skin with the combination of our hydrating face mist and clarifying face oil. When used together, this powerhouse duo balances skin’s metabolism while re-constituting the skin's cellular scaffolding, resulting in newer, more youthful cells throughout your skin's dermis and epidermis.

Since retinol can have an acclimation period, the secret to success is starting low and slow. Apply each product as the first product after cleansing.

  • Designed for acne-prone skin
  • Free of synthetic ingredients & preservatives for maximum ingredient efficacy
  • Always natural, clean, organic & sustainably sourced


  • Soothe + Hydrate Hydrosol Primer (1.7 fl oz)

  • Clarifying Facial Treatment (1.7 fl oz)

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing both morning and night, apply Hydrosol as a face mist with 3-5 sprays directly on the face and gently massage in. Apply 5-10 drops of the Clarifying Facial Treatment immediately after, before the Hydrosol has completely absorbed to ensure maximum moisture benefit.