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Hangover-free sleep aids

Clean, organic skincare

Manage painful thoughts & feelings

Enhance connection with self & partner


10mg THC from LIVE ROSIN / 500mg BLUE LOTUS per gummy

BENEFITS: EUPHORIA gummies offer a blend of Blue Lotus Flower and Live Rosin, a combination that promotes a nuanced high and noticeable mood boost. This unique product,createsaccess to the highly sought-after Blue Lotus Flower, used historically in ancient Egypt and Africa among the upper echelon of society to induce euphoria and allow connection with the divine. Today it is used to heighten intuition,elevatemood, and induce lucid dreaming.This powerful blend is ideal for supporting the mental and emotional framework needed for deeper introspection.

DIRECTIONS: First time users should start with one gummy, waiting 40 minutes before taking more. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC, so take in a controlled setting if you are sensitive to THC.