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Relief Potion

1,210mg Total Active Cannabinoid // 1010mg CBD 

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Give mind, body, and mood a chance to heal with our Relief Potion – with over 1,000mg of CBD, this full-spectrum cannabis elixir works to bring your body back to balance, addressing the root cause of pain, rather than a quick fix that leaves you back where you started. Real pain needs lasting relief.

DIRECTIONS: Each pump contains 7mg of CBD.  When administered orally, first time users should start with 3 pumps, steadily increasing dose until desired affect is achieved.  When applied topically, pump product into palm of hand and apply to affected area, rubbing in until completely absorbed.


Organic Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut-Derived Medium Chain Triglycerides