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Hangover-free sleep aids

Clean, organic skincare

Manage painful thoughts & feelings

Enhance connection with self & partner


10mg THC from LIVE ROSIN / 100mg Damiana / 100mg Tribulus per gummy

BENEFITS: The unique blend of Live Rosin, Damiana, Tribulus andKanna are masterfully fused into our Passion Fruit purée gummies to induce sensuality and connection, while also reducing tension and anxiety.These herbs were selected for their extensive historical use in enhancing libido, boosting mood, relaxing the nervous system, and increasing energy and stamina. Combined with Cannabis, our SEX gummies are designed to make sexual experiences more satisfying and powerful. This product is ideal for people looking to enhance intimate moments.

DIRECTIONS: First time users should start with one gummy, 40 minutes prior to sexual engagement. While still a legal hemp product, each gummy contains 10mg of THC, so take in a controlled setting if you are sensitive to THC.