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Sex & Candy Gummy

50mg Total Cannabinoids / 100mg Damiana / 100mg Tribulus per gummy

BENEFITS: Sex & Candy delivers over 50mg of total active cannabinoids in one delicious, vegan, sugar-reduced gummy that will turn your love lights on and enhance libido, sexual creativity and adventurousness. Designed with women in mind, our formula combines the power of cannabis with Damilib® (Damiana) and Tribulus, proven to enhance sexual performance in women, and helping to build a stronger connection with partner and self.

DIRECTIONS: First time users should start with one gummy, 40 minutes prior to sexual engagement. While still a legal hemp product, each gummy contains 2mg of THC, so take in a controlled setting if you are sensitive to THC. When combined with a full spectrum of hemp cannabinoids, the THC does not have an inebriating effect.